What is the Jes Extender?

Many men all over the world tend to have an issue with the overall size of their penis. This is something that’s completely normal; however, at the same time, they all want to do something to change that and that is what leads them to seek out the best penis extender.

Currently, there are many different products available that are designed to help increase penis size. However, one product is said to be perhaps the most effective. This product is known as the Jes Extender.

This is a device that is designed to utilize traction in order to help increase the overall size of the penis. The traction helps to stimulate the division of the cells of the penis, which causes additional tissues to appear, thereby making the penis naturally enlarge. Those who have used the Jes Extender report that the device’s maximum effect is up to approximately 24% length and 19% girth of the penis itself.

The program of this device states that the first six weeks are the initial beginning period. This is where the minimum amount of traction should be used. As time goes on, you will be able to increase how much traction you use, and after a few months, you will be able to use the maximum amount of traction. You will then be able to see how much bigger your penis gets. In order to receive the maximum amount of results, the Jes Extender should be used for a total of six months on a regular basis. If you start to think that you won’t have enough time to wear it, there’s no reason to worry because it’s essentially invisible under wider-sized pants, and you can even wear it while you’re at work. Typically, you should wear the extender for no longer than five hours per day.

On top of the size of your penis improving with the Jes Extender, your erection time will also improve, as well as ejaculation control. Both you and your partner will be extremely grateful due to this.

There are many benefits of the Jes Extender that are truly unlimited. After using this device, your life will be able to return to normal. All that’s required is for you to be patient and to also use the device as regularly as possible. While the new centimeters may disappear after your sixth month of using the Jes Extender, the benefits of using the device never will go away.